Human Design

  • Introduction into Composites

    Here is what a composite looks like in Human Design. We'll call the two people shown here Green and Blue. Green's placements are green, Blue's placements are blue. 
  • The 4 Types in Human Design: Reflectors

    However, important thing to understand here is that Reflectors follow a cycle of patterns/habits (as do most people, but it's more emphasized for Reflectors). So knowing your patterns/habits is a MUST. This will help you predict your life as a Reflector. 
  • The 4 Types in Human Design: Projectors

    Projectors are the most complex in a way due to there being 3 categories of them. But they are meant to "guide" people/projects/things. They have a focused and absorbing aura. They literally take in everything and therefore gain great insight from it all. They see and are seen. Their strategy is to "Wait to be Invited". This is nuanced so don't take it too literally. The invitation can be anything.
  • The 4 Types in Human Design: Generators & Manifesting Generators

    Those with a defined Sacral are automatically Generators. Human Design calls them something like a workhorse, but I look at it slightly differently. The Sacral Center is the Center that generates/houses creative life force. It is a "generative" energy, hence the name. The Sacral recognizes and responds to life/potential. 
  • The 4 Types in Human Design: Manifestors

    A Manifestor is born to "initiate". They can just will things into existence. They have a closed and repelling aura. You could say it's domineering in a way. You can kind of think of them like the ones that initiate new projects/ideas.