The 4 Types in Human Design: Manifestors

4 Types

In Human Design, there's 4 "types" you can be (technically 5). There's Manifestors, Generators (And Manifesting Generators), Projectors, and Reflectors. About 70-75% of the ppl in this world are Generators/Manifesting Generators. About 8-10% are Manifestors. About 14-16% are Projectors. And about 1-3% are Reflectors. These aren't exact numbers, but they're given to illustrate a point. Less and less Manifestors are currently being born into the world, and more and more Projectors are finding their way in.

But let's talk about Manifestors!

A Manifestor is born to "initiate". They can just will things into existence. They have a closed and repelling aura. It can easily be a very PENETRATIVE and PUSHY aura. You could say it's domineering in a way. You can kind of think of them like the ones that initiate new projects/ideas. It can be easy for people to get lost in a Manifestor's aura. They can lose their sense of identity/self. People may either easily hate or love a Manifestor. There may be no in between for many of them.

Sacral Center

What makes a Manifestor so unique is their lack of a defined (think of it like "active") Sacral Center. This center is powerful when defined. But for a Manifestor, it's good that they go without it. The Sacral is focused on generating, attracting, and/or giving life. A Manifestor is focused on actively creating (or MANIFESTING) something. The Sacral would distract a Manifestor if he/she had it. 

Not having the Sacral allows them to "see" ahead without being blinded by that powerful inner energy. This is what allows a Manifestor to initiate and trail ahead. Someone with a defined Sacral Center would be walking as if he/she were surrounded by a forest. But a Manifestor metaphorically walks on a flat plain. A Manifestor is compelled to just DO things/initiate things, whereas someone with a defined Sacral is compelled to generate/attract things.

The Defined Sacral wants to use what's around them, hence the forest metaphor. It wants to use the forest. The Manifestor wants to BUILD the forest, or its own forest anyway. The Sacral forces people to understand and perceive potential because that's what it's all about. The Sacral breathes (and recognizes) life/potential into everything it touches. With an undefined Sacral, it allows a Manifestor to not have to worry or think about what potential may or may not be there. 

Manifestors aren't meant to see things out completely (doesn't mean they can't or it doesn't happen), it just means they are more meant to establish new patterns/processes. They establish things for the world/others to respond to. The Sacral would be a distraction for them and limit their ability to manifest/create. This is why, as a general rule of thumb, Manifestors just wanna do their own thing and hear no BS about it. They just need to learn to always let ppl know what they're gonna do, even if it's as simple as "Hey I'm gonna go out, be back later."

It's a common theme for a Manifestor to want to switch paths and it can come out of nowhere. They can change their minds a million times in one hour and then go full force with whatever they decided. This is why it's best to INFORM people of what you are trying to do/accomplish. The bottom line here is that a Manifestor is always looking ahead at what is next. They are always trying to see what they can create and/or accomplish. They look for and actively create transitions.

They are called Manifestors because they are meant to MANIFEST something. They manifest energy. They initiate/jump start energy/things. They are an energy type. An energy type is centered around action/movement, it's less centered around awareness. Hence they give energy out and take awareness in. What you are meant to manifest/create depends on your body graph and the channels active within it.

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