Weekly Moon Cycle Chart

Moon Cycle Charts

What's the point in a Moon Cycle Chart? You can use it to see what times & dates certain Transits activate certain Gates that complete any Hanging Gates to form a Channel in your body graph. (A hanging gate is when you only have 1 half of a Channel).

It can be a very useful tool to track certain days/times that open up energy you are not used to experiencing.

In Human Design, the Moon is classified as a driving force. It can appear in your life in a numerous amount of ways, like a person or experience.

You can also keep in mind Astrological aspects, like what house the Moon is transiting in your Birth Chart, or aspects made to your Natal placements. This can help depict how it'll pop up in your life, especially when you take into consideration what Gate and/or Channel the Transit Moon Defines. 

3/27/22 - 4/03/22

Download the document or just use it purely for viewing. Highlight the Gates that you are interested in.

Use the Notes Column for anything you want to write a note about, like an experience that happened during that time. 

It is highly suggested to download it as a document, so you can make edits and/or remove the transits that don't matter to you

(I will also eventually start adding Gate & Channel keynotes/meanings to help)

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