The 4 Types in Human Design: Projectors

Human Design 4 Types

In Human Design, there's 4 "types" you can be (technically 5). There's Manifestors, Generators (And Manifesting Generators), Projectors, and Reflectors. About 70-75% of the ppl in this world are Generators/Manifesting Generators. About 8-10% are Manifestors. About 14-16% are Projectors. And about 1-3% are Reflectors. These aren't exact numbers, but they're given to illustrate a point. Less and less Manifestors are currently being born into the world, and more and more Projectors are finding their way in.

Projectors are the most complex in a way due to there being 3 categories of them. But they are meant to "guide" people/projects/things. They have a focused and absorbing aura. They literally take in everything and therefore gain great insight from it all. They see and are seen. Their strategy is to "Wait to be Invited". This is nuanced so don't take it too literally. The invitation can be anything.

It's kinda like Generators Waiting to Respond in a way. The difference is that Projectors have GREAT INSIGHT. They are usually skilled or well knowledgeable at something in specific. Their roles in life are to guide what they have a personalized dominion/skillset over. Their strategy is what it is because they are basically WAITING to SHARE their insight/expertise. The point is to not force it on anyone. They glow/shine brightest when they are recognized and appreciated for what they do/are brilliant at.
If you're a Projector, don't take the "Wait for an Invitation" too literally. The point is that as a Projector, you have to be aware enough to be able to tell how well your guidance/advice will be received. You have to be aware of the perfect times for you to speak. The invitation is literally just those perfect moments. This may be easier said than done, but look and see if you have any awareness centers defined. Those are the places you look to in order to figure out how to best go about spotting an invitation. 

I'm not going to get into the categories, but there's certain processes/things Projectors are meant to guide. Their insight can greatly help the other types, especially Generators and Manifesting Generators. They just gotta find the right people and the right environment to be around. 

This is speaking very generally, but if you're a Projector, you get most of the energy to do things from other people and external influences. This isn't true for all of you, and it doesn't have to be set in stone all the time either. 

Projectors are technically meant to "guide" others or processes. They take in heavily whatever they are focusing on. They are literally meant to make other ppl more efficient and happy (to be quite honest haha). They're here to tweak things. They (in a sense) magnify the energy around them. But it's more like they take in that energy and then magnify it (or at least feel it magnified). So many times they gotta learn when to engage and when to pull away and recharge.
Projectors need to learn to appreciate being around people and learn to be around the RIGHT people.

Understand that the whole strategy to "wait" doesn't actually mean to wait. A Projector waits because they're building up energy in an Awareness Center (in most cases). They're building up on their insight. The more they do that, the more other people/the universe invites them to use that awareness/skill that they have. That's still an active process. That's not waiting.

A Projector doesn't actually wait. It's focused on something and it absorbs heavy info/energy from it. And then it projects its insight/response when the correct opportunity presents itself. Not every invitation is the right one, and Projectors will find that they can be receiving a lot. 

The general rule of thumb is that Projectors INSPECT/PROJECT energy. They refine/organize/amplify energy. They are a NON-ENERGY type. Non-energy types are more centered around awareness. Since they aren't used to having so much motor energy moving inside of them, they TAKE ENERGY IN and feel it amplified. They take in energy for review. This powers their awareness and helps them draw conclusions.

Since a non-energy type is centered around awareness, they take in motor/action energy and give out their awareness/experience of it all. Projectors project that energy/understanding on to whatever they focus on. This is why they must wait to be invited. They have to gather energy/understanding and release it at the perfect time/opportunity. As a Projector, you are meant to PROJECT a certain kind of awareness. This is dependent on your channels/body graph.

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