Introduction into Composites

Human Design Body Graph

Here is what a composite looks like in Human Design. We'll call the two people shown here Green and Blue. Green's placements are green, Blue's placements are blue. 

There are 4 types of Channels in a composite, which i'll lightly cover. These 2 have 5 Dominance Channels, which are channels where only one person has. They are called Dominance Channels because one person is dominating the energy that is there. The Dominance Channels will show up as the color of whoever's channel it is. 

The 5 Dominance Channels here are 18-58 (Green), 34-57 (Green), 43-23 (Blue), 63-4 (Blue), 26-44 (Blue). These dominance channels are the energies/areas that each person brings to the table and that the other person needs to just accept and let be. This doesn't mean to let anyone walk all over anyone else. It just means that there are certain things in other people you have to accept and try to work with.

Human Design Channel of Judgment

I'm not going to cover all 5 channels, but let's look at one from each. Green has the Channel of Judgment (18-58). What's this channel all about? As its name suggests, it's all about discernment. Green has keen awareness of what would bring these 2 joy. This Channel is all about judging patterns and experiences. It's all about what's "correct" and what would be influential. So Green here does her best to seek solutions, to seek what works best for the 2. Blue would just have to let her do that and trust her judgment.

I could say more, but that's the general idea of that. 
Human Design Channel of Logic

Blue has the Channel of Logic (63-4). Blue is good at questioning things, questioning the logic behind certain experiences (past or present). She asks the questions that inspire thought and understanding for the 2. 

This channel is all about doubt. Green has to let Blue go through her mental process and doubt things. It's actually very beneficial for the 2. Especially because Green has that Channel of Judgment. Blue kinda asks questions that works as a system of checks and balances.

Green may say something and Blue would be like, "You sure?" Or maybe more like, "How about this tho?" Blue wants to logically understand things. This Channel brings a pressure to understand and it really works/helps the dynamic because the two can bounce off each other.

Human Design Channel of Judgment

There's two Compromise Channels they have. A Compromise Channel is when one person has a full Channel and the other person has a gate within that Channel. Because of this, they have to compromise in this area and respect the other person's process/part of the process. 

They have the Channel of Struggle, 28-38 (Blue rules) and the Channel of Initiation 51-25 (Green rules). I'll just talk about the Struggle. This Channel is all about learning from and overcoming struggle. Through struggle, you learn what is valuable and worth getting into. This Channel is kinda big on stubborn determination. When Blue REALLY decides on something, she will stick to it, there's really no stopping it. It's also part of the Individual Circuit so it's a mutative energy. Blue is gonna be who Blue is as a unique individual. 

Green has Gate 38 of this Channel defined. Gate 38 is all about a "pressure to struggle or find purpose in life". So Green may have a hard time figuring that out without that Gate 28 definition. Not to mention Green can be STUBBORN about figuring things out before moving. 

Blue doesn't care, Blue just moves with what she wants to do. She doesn't wait too long. She may struggle to find purpose or just struggle with her purpose in general, but she also just does her thing anyway. Green isn't like that. Without Gate 28, she may not take risks like Blue. She may not do anything about the pressure she feels besides sit on it. 

So this is where the compromise comes in! Blue has to respect that Green may need more time than her to really pursue things. Green also has to respect that Blue is just as stubborn as she is, except she's more willing to move forward in some areas/cases. When it comes to the dynamic, these 2 have to realize that compromise may need to be had when it comes to dealing with certain situations or with how each chooses to move/respond to struggle/purpose. There's a little more to it, but that's the general basis.

Human Design Channel of Openness

Now for Electromagnetic Channels. This is where each person has one half of a channel. It's the area/side of them that complete each other. It's literally an electromagnetic attraction. These two have Channel of Openness (12-22) and Channel of Mutation (60-3). 

Let's talk about the Channel of Openness. Green has Gate 12 defined by her Personality Mercury. Blue has Gate 22 defined by her Design Mercury and Mars. In Human Design, Mercury rules communication/thinking. Mars rules immaturity/energy dynamics. Personality is conscious, design is un/subconscious.

Anyway, the Channel of Openness is probably self explanatory. These two are very OPEN with each other. It's like they are free to be who they are and share their deepest darkest feelings/secrets with no issue/worry. Gate 12 is called the Gate of Caution. Green is cautious with her words and how she speaks. Especially with Mercury being present here. She's just socially cautious. But because of Blue's Gate 22, it's like she doesn't have to be as cautious. She can be open. 

Blue is just instinctively/subconsciously open in a way. I wouldn't say she tells any stranger off the street all her business, but there's an aura to her that makes you feel like you can talk to her. Gate 22 is about listening, and Blue is a very good listener. People can subconsciously feel this. BUT! It's an Emotional Solar Plexus Gate so it kinda depends on her mood.

However, it doesn't matter with Green because it's an electromagnetic connection. Blue will always have space for Green and vice versa. They literally complete each other in this aspect. It's ironic because of Green's Gate 12, it's like Blue finally has someone she can express her inner world to. She's always been a listener, but with this it's like they're both the listener and both the speaker. There's just an aura of openness. It's deeper than that but the point still stands.

Finally there's the 4th type of Composite Channels, and that's the Companionship Channels! These 2 do not have any, but a Companionship Channel is when both people have the same Channel. It's like you both see through the same lens here. You can relate heavily to one another with it.

And that's your general preview of Composites in Human Design! I could literally write a page on just one Channel probably. There's a lot to it. Hope you enjoyed this!

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