Human Design

  • 9 Centers: Throat Center In-Depth

    You can think of each gate in the Throat Center as a different "voice". If you have one of these gates defined, then that is a "voice" you carry consistently and in a fixed way. Take Gate 23 for example. Whether you have it defined as a Conscious Gate or a Subconscious one, a "voice" you regularly deal with is, "I know or not". You will often be called/compelled to speak on what you know or to hold your tongue. And you will experience this in a fixed manner. It'll be largely consistent in the way you experience this.
  • Emotional Solar Plexus

    The Solar Plexus is emotional/spiritual/relational energy that works as a wave, which means they work OVER TIME. These waves inspire action and awareness. There are cycles you have to go (and work) through. Clarity only ever happens at the end of a cycle/wave. Emotional awareness itself is all the highs and lows. It's the entire wave itself. Emotional awareness is a PROCESS. To be emotionally aware is to be aware of the emotional process(es) that you go through. It's not just one instance, it's every instance. It's a whole range of instances.
  • Closer Look At Undefined Centers

    Here's an interesting fact about Undefined Centers. When you have one, it stores energy up until a person or transit defines it. On top of that, undefined centers are areas where if you are around someone with that definition, you'll experience that energy in an amplified way.
  • Introduction into the 9 Centers/Defined/Undefined

    There are 9 Energy Centers depicted in a body graph in Human Design. They are mirrored after the chakras and tree of life. They are the Head, Ajna, Throat, Will/Heart, Sacral, Emotional Solar Plexus, Splenic, G/Identity, and Root Centers.