Human Design

  • 9 Centers: Throat Center In-Depth

    You can think of each gate in the Throat Center as a different "voice". If you have one of these gates defined, then that is a "voice" you carry consistently and in a fixed way. Take Gate 23 for example. Whether you have it defined as a Conscious Gate or a Subconscious one, a "voice" you regularly deal with is, "I know or not". You will often be called/compelled to speak on what you know or to hold your tongue. And you will experience this in a fixed manner. It'll be largely consistent in the way you experience this.
  • Introduction into the 9 Centers/Defined/Undefined

    There are 9 Energy Centers depicted in a body graph in Human Design. They are mirrored after the chakras and tree of life. They are the Head, Ajna, Throat, Will/Heart, Sacral, Emotional Solar Plexus, Splenic, G/Identity, and Root Centers.
  • Knowing Your Body Graph: Personality/Design

    If you've ever looked at your Human Design body graph, you may have noticed you have a Design side and a Personality side. The design rules all the red stuff in your body graph, the personality rules all the black stuff. If you're familiar with Astrology, all your placements are the same. They show up as your Personality side. So if you have a Scorpio Sun, it's still a Scorpio Sun. It's just in a hexagram/gate that rests in that portion of the wheel for Human Design.