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Here's an interesting fact about Undefined Centers. When you have one, it stores energy up until a person or transit defines it. On top of that, undefined centers are areas where if you are around someone with that definition, you'll experience that energy in an amplified way.

If you have a completely open center (no gates defined), then it's even more emphasized. More importantly, you don't have a filter in which you'll experience or output the energy of that center. HOWEVER, any undefined center has heavy potential to be an area of great wisdom for you.

For example, I'm pretty sure Einstein had a completely open Head or Ajna Center, so think about how well that worked out for him. Even if he didn't have them completely open, I'm 90% sure they were undefined. And he was a smart cookie too!

Defined Centers = a fixed energy, a fixed method of experience. Same goes for any defined Gates. So anything undefined experiences variety and is dependent on other people/transits. Any undefined areas are your areas that are most susceptible to conditioning by outside influence. 

Human Design Undefined Centers


Here's one of my friends as an example. Let's take a look at the Emotional Solar Plexus (white triangle on the right side of the graph). She has two Design (subconscious) gates here. Gate 37 and Gate 22. Every time this Center is defined, that energy is funneled through those gates.

As a side note, another interpretation of undefined centers and the defined Gates within them is that you may need other people/transits to learn the lessons of those gates. And of course, any hanging gate (one half of a channel) automatically tries to attract people with the other half. 

Anyway, Gate 37 is called "The Family" or the Gate of Friendship. It's all about the/your "tribe". It comes with the "Fear of Tradition". There is a nervousness that tends to come with it about taking on traditional roles in life in regards to your family or tribe. This Gate has a lot to do with recognition and your place/role with your tribe. Just to keep this simple, my friend most likely has to deal with being a certain kind of person that other people want her to be. But she can't do that because she's her own person, ya get me?

It's a very communal/tribal gate so it's all about the close connections she has & her sensitivity in regards to those people. They say this Gate has a lot to do with bargains & bargaining your role/resources & how you can help others. She has to deal with always being the helper. She has to deal with always being the one people go to. Sometimes she has to deal with people projecting an image on her that they want to be. And this is all done subconsciously too! She wants to help and she often gets sucked into helping.

This is emphasized by Gate 22, the Gate of Openness. She's always open to listening. Whenever this Center gets definition, it's like people can feel her ability to listen to and help them. But it's all dependent on her mood. This Gate also comes with the Fear of Silence. This fear can come in the form of being uncertain if people will listen to her and/or that her voice may go unheard. And remember this is subconscious! So she subconsciously feels like she has to help and be the listener. But she wants to be listened to as well!

So a lot of the activity that comes along with the definition of her Emotion Solar Plexus Center comes with the themes of her being the helper & listener. There's lessons tied to this, but also take note that most the emotional energy she experiences has to do with those gates.

What you can also take from this is that the presence of those gates are kind of what attracts a certain type of experience most times she has definition with that Center. It's not gonna be true every time, but those themes are what's prevalent.

When it comes to Undefined Centers, those are the areas that house some of our biggest lessons. We are meant to become WISE with what we have undefined. That's why it's important to understand what you have undefined and that you may easily feel it amplified. You may easily take in how other people use that energy/center. You are meant to sample these energies/centers and how a large variety of different people use them.

If you want to learn more, please check out my Ebooks! Especially the first one, as it's all about the 9 Centers.

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