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Gemini is the 3rd sign in the Zodiac. It is mutable and reps the element of AIR. It represents the transition from Spring to Summer. Gemini itself is associated with twins because of their love of communication and sharing thoughts & ideas. The whole idea of the twins come from Greek Mythology from Castor and Pollux (also known as Polydeuces). In most accounts (although it varies), Castor was mortal and Pollux was a demigod. To make a long story short, while Castor was dying, Pollux asked Zeus (his father), to grant half of his immortality to his brother. And thus, the constellation Gemini was formed.

Thanks to this myth, Geminis are often thought of to have a "dual personality" (or just multiple) and are highly versatile. This is where the "Mutable" part comes in. Geminis are changeable and tend to have their hands in a variety of cookie jars. A common trait associated with them is how often they change their minds and/or how often they change what they're doing. At their best, they are meant to be resourceful, versatile, and quick-witted. Another trait associated with them is how much they love to talk.

But this post is about WHY they're like this from a Human Design perspective. There are 6 Gates that Gemini represents in Human Design and they tell a pretty interesting story about Gemini's journey.

Throat Center

The first 5 Gates that cover 0° to about 28° Gemini are all Throat Center Gates. The Throat Center is our center of manifestation and expression. All other centers try to output their energy out the Throat. Each Gate in the Throat act as a "voice". Each voice expresses something specific. It's ironic that Gemini has all these Throat Gates, especially considering how a big trait of Gemini is talking/expressing itself.

The first Gate for Gemini is Gate 20, the Gate of the Now. Its voice is "I am now or not". With this gate comes instantaneous clarity/action. It is a spontaneous gate, much like Gemini itself. It goes from 0° to 5°37'30" Gemini. Think of this first part like Gemini is a baby/toddler, learning to grow and step into itself fully. This is where Gemini starts its journey. 
Splenic Center

With Gate 20, Gemini learns to be spontaneous. Gemini learns to respond to life/situations with instantaneous clarity and/or action. Gemini learns to be "in the now" (or not). The interesting thing about this Gate is that it reaches towards the Spleen's Gate 57, and the Sacral's Gate 34. The Spleen is all about survival. The Spleen is only ever aware of the present moment and doing the right thing in that moment. Gate 57 is all about the FUTURE. It's called the Gate of Intuitive Insight and it's all about having intuition/clarity in the moment. That's a big reason why Gate 20 is the way it is. Gemini is meant to learn how to express itself and have the intuition/clarity to be properly versatile moment to moment. 

Sacral Center

Then there's the Sacral, which is all about generating/giving energy to do things. The Sacral is all about life/potential. It recognizes the life/potential in things and based on how much life/potential there is, it'll give out a certain amount of energy for those things. Sacral's Gate 34 is all about the power to empower. The power to achieve things for yourself and empower yourself. Gate 20 is all about expressing and using the energy of the Sacral/Spleen correctly. Thus, Gemini must learn to choose, speak, and/or express correctly based on their situation and environment. Gemini must learn to be versatile! Gemini must learn how to live in the moment and do so correctly.


Gate 16

Then we get to Gate 16, the Gate of Skills. It goes from 5°37’31” to 11°15’ Gemini. This gate has the voice of, "I experiment or not". It's all about skillfully mastering something. After learning versatility and living moment to moment correctly, Gemini must learn to experiment and see what it likes. It must learn to see what it's good at and try to master something. Maybe multiple things. Through this, Gemini is meant to LEARN about itself. It's meant to really find its place in the world.

Through Gate 16, Gemini learns to master something through repetition. Only through repetition can you hope to master something. Gemini learns how to dive itself into a routine and see if it's a right fit. Through this, Gemini learns to express its skills/expertise and master its usage.
Gate 35

Then we get to Gate 35, the Gate of Change. This covers 11°15’01” to 16°52’30” Gemini. This has the voice of "I experience/feel or not". It's all about progress through experience. Where the last gate was all about experimenting and finding itself, now Gemini must be focused on the EXPERIENCE and how it FEELS. After it learns its skills and masters them, Gemini becomes all about the experience. This brings this hunger, this desire to have progress in life. There's a hunger for living life in general. Gemini starts walking away from repetition and moves towards spontaneous experiences. 

Gemini is commonly known for being restless and ever-changing. This gate might have a lot to do with it! With Gate 35, everything is about how you feel. Being the Gate of Change, how you feel will usually be tied to you wanting change. The desire for change and/or new experience can take you all over the place. It can make you flip-floppy. Either way, there's restlessness attached to it, and that's a trait commonly associated with Gemini. 

 Gate 45

But after Gate 35, we have Gate 45. This is the Gate of the Gatherer with the voice of "I have or not". It is the King/Queen leading through education. It's from 16°52’31” to 22°30’ Gemini. We went from Gemini being restless and doing things based on a feeling, to Gemini becoming more of a dominant figure. After having had its fill of experiences, it settles down a little. At this point, Gemini has matured more into itself and who it's supposed to be. But whether you have placements in this Gate and feel mature OR NOT, it is less about maturity, and more about being a leader.

Gate 45 is also known as the Gate of Dominance. It's a Tribal Gate, and by that, I mean it's centered around your "tribe". It's all about community, family, and close ones. Gate 45 is known as the Gate of Dominance because this is about having an influential standing within your tribe/community. It's called the Gate of the Gatherer because it's here that you learn to gather resources and/or people of your tribe to do what's right/best for the tribe. It's all about tending to the tribe/community's needs and expanding the tribe/community. 

It's not as much about being a "boss" here where you're the authority and you tell people what to do. It's about being a LEADER. A leader leads by example. You're not telling people what to do here, you're inspiring people to do the right thing. This is where Gemini learns to gather people/resources together. This is where Gemini learns to lead by example. But honestly, many times Gemini is just naturally like this. Gemini loves to communicate and express itself. It loves to connect with and bring people together. That's what this gate is all about, gathering resources/people in order to protect (and further) the community. It makes Gemini very tribal oriented here.

Gate 12

But now we have Gate 12, the Gate of Caution, from 22°30’01” to 28°7’30” Gemini. This has the voice of "I can try or not". It is a socially cautious gate. We go from Gemini learning to protect its tribe/community and bringing people/resources together, to Gemini learning to be cautious, introspective, and be more in tune with creatively expressing itself. This gate is all about FEELING and MOOD. At this point, Gemini knows how to express itself, but it doesn't always know what it's feeling. 

It's called the Gate of Caution because you learn to be cautious, waiting for the right chance/experience/opportunity to properly express yourself. With this gate, it's like you have something to express, something to let out, but you can't do it unless you're in the right mood. You can't do it unless it feels right. The funny part about this is that this gate is actually a very social gate. When their mood is right, Gemini can entertain anybody. They can talk and be a performer. But when it's not, they can't. Nothing comes out right. People can easily take things the wrong way. 

This kind of goes in line with Gemini's dual nature. There's a moodiness attached to this gate that is highly tied to expression. Gemini will express itself and its mood. It doesn't always understand how it's feeling and that's why it learns what its feeling through experience. It learns through interacting with other people. It learns just by BEING. Through this gate, Gemini acts from its mood and expresses it. Gemini is good at expression either way, but here Gemini learns to get in touch with its own inner world.

Identity (G) Center

And finally we reach Gate 15, the Gate of Extremes, covering 28°7’31” to 30° Gemini. This is in the Identity Center. It's no longer about expression and manifestation anymore, it's about IDENTITY and DIRECTION for Gemini. This is where Gemini is supposed to reach its pique maturity and fully find itself. This represents what Gemini is all about! Gate 15 is all about embracing different rhythms and extremes of behavior. That's ironically a trait heavily associated with Gemini.

Gate 15 is also known for its "love for humanity". According to The Definitive Book of Human Design, it's all about the capacity to accept and understand the full spectrum of the different extremes/rhythms of human behavior, which again is ironically a lot like Gemini. This gate is all about accepting and understanding all of humanity's diversity in the world. It's not just about the extremes of humanity and the world, though, it's about your own rhythms/extremes too. 

It is through this gate that Gemini learns to accept & understand its own rhythms and extremes. Gemini learns to fully embrace the human experience. This is where Gemini finally learns its identity and place in life. This is where Gemini finds its direction. It learns to live life without judgement, to accept itself (AND others) without judgement. It's ironic because the Identity Center attracts your destiny/life/path/identity towards you. Gemini progressed from expression/manifestation and grabbing experience for itself to attracting its life/identity/destiny towards itself. It went from being a go-getter to letting life come forward on its own. 

The biggest thing about this is that Gate 15 emphasizes what Gemini is supposed to be all about. Gemini, at its best, is supposed to be non-judgmental. It's supposed to represent the diversity and the differing rhythms/extremes of humanity. It's about the love of being human and loving the experience that comes with it. It's about loving yourself and loving the diversity in things/people/yourself.

This is also where Gemini learns balance, by going through all these extremes. This is why/how Gemini will attract all manners of people and be the people person that it is known for being. Gemini quite literally symbolizes the different extremes of humanity and the acceptance of all the diversity that comes with it. Gemini represents embracing what being a human is all about, as well as being versatile and expressive. Gemini's interchangeable/dual nature is directly tied to this.

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