Human Design

  • Astrology - Uranus

    So let's talk about Uranus, but in terms of the primordial Greek God Ouranos. If we want to truly understand Uranus, we have to understand the Greek God it is associated with. Where Gaia represents and IS the EARTH, Ouranos represents and IS the SKY. It is a little debated on how Ouranos came to be. Some say he formed out of the "chaos" just as Gaia did, while others say he was sprung from Gaia herself. In either case, he's a PRIMORDIAL God (meaning he was there from the get-go).
  • May 12th, 2020 Transits - The Moon

    So let's talk about transits! More specifically, let's talk about the Moon. The Moon goes through 2 or 3 Gates per day, but let's cover only one of the Gates that it'll be in today. You may know the Moon as currently in Aquarius (at least with Tropical Astrology). But in Human Design, at 3:22 PM EST until 1:59 AM, the Moon will be in the Root Center's Gate 41.
  • Astrology & Human Design: Placidus House System W/ Gates

    One really interesting way you can use Astrology with Human Design is looking at the Placidus House System. I'd say you can do this with Whole Sign, but everybody would have the same Gate(s). If you take the time to look at each House and see the Gate associated with it, it can tell you a lot more pinpointed information about that house.
  • Gemini in Human Design

    The first 5 Gates that cover 0° to about 28° Gemini are all Throat Center Gates. The Throat Center is our center of manifestation and expression. All other centers try to output their energy out the Throat. Each Gate in the Throat act as a "voice". Each voice expresses something specific. It's ironic that Gemini has all these Throat Gates, especially considering how a big trait of Gemini is talking/expressing itself.