Profile & The 6 Lines in Human Design

In Human Design, your "Profile" is made up of both of your Conscious + Subconscious Sun & Earth placements. Your Conscious Placements are your Personality ones. They are the black parts of your Body Graph, listed on the right. Your Subconscious Placements are your Design ones. They are the red parts of your Body Graph and are listed on the left.


What the Profile does is show you how you tend to act out and use the energies in your Body Graph. It shows you your Conscious inclinations + your Subconscious inclinations.


Your Profile consists of two numbers. In the image above, this person's Profile would be 4/6. The first number is always the Conscious part of the Profile, and the second number is always the Subconscious part of the Profile. This person would be a Conscious 4 and a Subconscious 6. But what do these numbers mean?


There are 6 numbers that a Profile can have:


  • 1 - The Investigator
  • 2 - The Hermit
  • 3 - The Martyr
  • 4 - The Opportunist
  • 5 - The Heretic
  • 6 - The Role Model


If you are Consciously a number, that is how you actively think & act. You do this sort of on purpose. If you are Subconsciously a number, then that is how you are naturally. You don't have to think about it, you just do it. It's not even on purpose. That's how you want to look at Profiles. You tend to have a little more control over the Conscious part of your Profile than the Subconscious part. If you use the Conscious part correctly, your Subconscious will follow suit.


The 1, or the Investigator, is all about foundations. They are cautious and like to investigate before doing things. They like to know ALL the details before they initiate/start something. If something is new/foreign to them, they will want time to observe and/or research before participating. That's why they're called the Investigator in the first place! 

You can think of the Investigator kind of like Aries in Astrology. Like Aries with Astrology, this is the start to the line structure. If you think of this like a house, the 1 is like the foundation of the house. Without a strong/proper foundation, you can't even build anything! That's how the 1 is with their personalities. That's why they NEED to investigate. Aries is the child of the Zodiac. In a sense the 1 is the same way with the Lines/Profiles. It is the initiator. It starts the whole process. However, It really only initiates if its interest is piqued. It is just wary of things it does not have enough knowledge of! 

The Investigator is all about building upon itself and its place due to survival. It is very self oriented.


The 2, or The Hermit, is a tad self explanatory. There is a natural affinity to keep to one's self, or at least to keep inside one's own comfort zone. There is a hidden talent/skill that every Hermit has that is just waiting to be used/seen. It is said that other people are often more aware of this ability than the Hermit themselves. Some Hermits feel as though they are just waiting to be slapped in the face with something. 

The Hermit is a lot like Taurus in Astrology because Taurus is all about security. Taurus takes the lessons of Aries and builds off of it. The Hermit is building upon the foundation laid by the Investigator. The Hermit is building the walls of the house, making the area secure & comfortable. 

Since the 1 is centered around survival, the 2 doesn't need to worry about that anymore. It is focused on comfort & security. Thus the "Hermit" withdraws in order to build a material or personalized skill set. You may think that's a little different than Taurus, but they are both really only interested in what they are comfortable with. Taurus likes to indulge in the senses, and the 2 is the same way. They're both sensual. They're both obsessed with doing their own thing. 

This is where the "waiting" comes into play.  They're kind of waiting to do something because they have these natural latent abilities/talents that only THEY are good at. They're just waiting to be seen or slapped in the face with an opportunity. Thus, they sit comfortably until it's their time to answer the call. They're just building on their foundation until then. This also makes them self-oriented, just like the Investigator.

Conscious 1's are like this Consciously. They actively need to investigate or build a foundation of some kind. Subconscious 1's do it naturally without trying.


Now we have the 3, the Martyr. The Martyr is all about experimentation and the variety of experience. Which is a lot like Geminis! Geminis are all over the place, putting their hands in every cookie jar. The Martyr is the same way!

You know how Aries is a Cardinal sign? That's initiation. You know how Taurus is a Fixed sign? That's because it's fixed in what has been initiated, therefore it waits for change and is rooted in what has been laid down till that perfect moment for change. This is often a slow, drawn out process. Taurus is slow moving and so is the Hermit.

This is why Gemini comes in as a Mutable sign. Change is ready to be had. The fixed energy of the former sign becomes mutable & ready to go everywhere it can. Think of it like this:

  • Cardinal is like the act of pollination or a seed being planted
  • Fixed is like a seed growing & forming over time
  • Mutable is like the full bloom of a flower

The 3 takes what the 2 was spending a large amount of time building up, and uses it in order to figure out where it works and how. It takes that knowledge and experiments with it. Thus 3's are all about stimulation & actively doing/experiencing things. They live a life of trial and error. They take what they've learned with their experiences and do something better with it. These are the type of people that have multiple interests. They like combining & creating things. They are still self-oriented like their predecessors.

If the Hermit was building the walls, the Martyr is building the staircase to the next floor. They're not concerned with survival or security. They want to build. They want to get to the next thing. They want to succeed.

Conscious Hermits actively try to stick to themselves and/or comfort zone. Subconscious Hermits do it naturally. 



Now we have the 4, The Opportunist. If you look at the house metaphor, this is like the foundation of the next floor. Line 1 built the foundation of the first floor, line 2 decorated it, and line 3 made the stairs leading to the 2nd floor, which line 4 is building.

In Astrology, the 4th sign is Cancer, a cardinal sign. Cancer is known as the mother of the zodiac. Interestingly enough, The Opportunist is all about trans-personal relations. It's all about the foundation of how relations with other people should be/go. That's ironically similar to Cancer since its the "mother". The mother's relationship with its child is the fundamental building block of all other relationships this child will ever have. They both have a Cardinal nature, that nature to build and initiate a foundation.

The Opportunist is like the child in this scenario, learning how to relate to others and build a social foundation. If you think about the name, there is a reason why it's called "The Opportunist" because the 4 is all about creating opportunity for itself and/or for others. Networking is the big theme for this one. The 4 is very concerned with building strong relations. 

The 4 is less concerned with itself and more concerned with the world outside of it. However, they are a tad similar to Hermits in a way. They want to be social and make connections/friendships, but they also NEED their space. There is a boundary they often have up. 4's are people oriented and often get along with a variety of different people, they just need recovery time. Just note that the 4 comes with a lesson of forming key relations and how to do so.

Conscious 4's actively try to network. Subconscious 4's do it naturally, almost by accident.


Now we have the 5, The Heretic. There is a lot I can say about this one, but it's honestly very simple. The Heretic is said to simply be "different". I've always labeled it as being the fad before it's a fad. These are the kind of people that are easy to notice simply because they stand out. Unfortunately, this makes them hard to really know because people will often only see the image of them that they made up in their heads. They won't see the real Heretic, just the idea of that Heretic.

The 5, like their counterparts the 2's, have a unique skill/talent that only they have. Whatever they do that they excel at, they do it differently than everybody else. They tend to be revolutionary in some way. It could be something simple like their style or the way they think. It could be their art, or maybe they are an unorthodox engineer. The point is that they are different. 

They are so damn similar to Leos because of how they stand out and grab attention. It's also easy for people to project how they see  5's/Leo's and not see them for who they really are. They are both just so noticeable, which can easily make them misunderstood. They both have a fixed nature as well. Just like the Hermit, the Heretic is fixed in what they set out to do.

But generally speaking, Heretics are just different in some way. If you're a Conscious Heretic, it's the things you do consciously that stand out. If you're a Subconscious Heretic, it's the things you naturally do without trying.

Role Model

The 6, the Role Model, is said to have 3 stages. The 1st stage happens until your Saturn Return, the 2nd stage happens until your Uranus Opposition, and the 3rd stage happens until you die. Now personally, I'm not in total agreement with it being strict like that. I think you can experience all 3 stages at varying points in your life, but the point here is that generally speaking, you operate with 3 main stages of your life.

The 1st stage you act as a 3, or a Martyr. So scroll up and read the 3 if you haven't.

The 2nd stage you act more like a 2, or a Hermit. Scroll up if you haven't read that one. It's a little different, though. You are more so "licking your wounds" from the trials & errors of the 1st stage of your life. You are withdrawing to build upon what you have learned and experienced. 

The 3rd stage is when you become a full fledged Role Model. You are now ready to teach. If we bring back the house metaphor, the Role Model is on the roof of the house looking at the environment around it. It is looking for the NEXT FOUNDATION. The next thing a 1 can come in and build for them. The Role Model is all about inspiring a 1 to materialize the vision that they see. That's why they're called a Role Model in the first place! The 6 is meant to teach & guide. They are meant to inspire. They are meant to be visionaries, much like the 5's.

A Conscious 6 goes through these stages Consciously. They are actively working towards being a Role Model. A Subconscious 6 just does it naturally. Each stage is done without necessarily trying to.

I would even say that the Role Model is a little like Virgo in a way. Virgo is very particular and is known as "The Virgin" for a reason. There's an innocent/pure quality to the Role Model just as there is to Virgo. They're both detail & routine oriented. They both have a mutable nature. They both deal with transitions, routines, and cycles. Just something to think about!

Hopefully that helped you understand the numbers in your Profile and the 6 lines a little better.

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