Human Design: Circuits Introduction

Human Design Circuits

So let's talk about the 3 Main Circuits in Human Design! These will tell you a lot about people/society in general, but more importantly will tell you a lot about yourself! The 3 Circuits are: Individual, Tribal, and Collective. You can probably get a good idea about what they entail based on their names, but I'm going to explain anyway! People with heavy Individual Circuitry tend to be focused on themselves (hence the name). Tribal people tend to be focused on their community/family/close ones. Collective people tend to be focused on the Collective/Humanity as a whole. This is important to understand because it sheds some light on how different kinds of people tend to act and conduct themselves.

Human Design Individual Circuit

For example, an Individual is focused on themselves right? So naturally, the way they would conduct themselves in their relations with others will be based on that point. With friends or significant others, they will tend to want to be HEARD and listened to. They may even have an inclination to be selfish. The keynote for Individual Circuitry is EMPOWERMENT. So a lot of how they act will be based on that ideal. If they don't see you empowering yourself, they may have a problem with that. If they don't feel empowered, they may have a problem with that. Individual people want to see/experience empowerment, be it in a situation or with other people.

Any channel that is part of the Individual Circuit brings an empowering/mutative type of energy. People with this kind of energy/circuitry tend to stand out! They bring change with them & a certain uniqueness. But that's why it's called a mutative energy. This is all speaking highly generally, but a Generator with heavy Individual Energy generates change around them. A Manifestor with this energy initiates change. A Projector would be invited to create that change. It also goes a little bit deeper than that, BUT the point here is: Heavy Individual Energy is centered around CHANGE & EMPOWERMENT. People with a lot of this energy will therefore go about situations and relations with that in mind.

Human Design Tribal Circuit

The Tribal Circuit is the "foundation of our communities, sexuality, and our civilization". It's about an intimate relations and a coming togetherness. It's all about support for our fellow ppl/tribe. 3 of the 4 Will/Heart Center gates are here. The Will/Heart Center is all about VALUE and EXCHANGES. It's all about how we go about the material world and making sure we succeed within it. That's why the Tribal Circuit is all about SUPPORT. Material support & emotional support.

Having heavy Tribal Circuitry makes your destiny/design more closely tied to supporting your "tribe", whoever they may be (and them supporting you). Intimate relations are emphasized. They want to feel like they are supporting others and/or also feel supported themselves. They want to feel like they belong to a community. The thing about Tribal Circuitry is that it has no Head, Ajna, or Identity Center connection. Head/Ajna are all mind stuff. The Tribe is all about basic self-security and has no real sense of direction due to the lack of that Identity Center, that's why they are so tied to their "tribe".

Tribes are self-sustaining. They stick to their patterns and cycles. People with heavy Tribal Energy will tend to be the same way. They will like their routines and stick to their support system(s). They tend to like comfortability and familiarity. They tend to go for a sense of belonging. People with heavy Tribal Energy may also have an inclination to go with what the "tribe" wants more than what THEY want. Tribal Energy is centered around the Tribe afterall! They care deeply about the people around them, hence the keynote of SUPPORT!

Human Design Collective Circuit

Now let's talk about Collective Circuitry. It's all about SHARING. It's the "source of reflection and projection". What's interesting about it is that there is no Heart/Will Center within it (the Center that speaks and acts for the tribe). The lack of having this Center makes it less concerned with the Ego and material world and more concerned with reflecting on the past as a collective and projecting/understanding patterns. To put that more simply: Collective Circuitry is all about learning, experiencing, and sharing what is learned, experienced, and known.

So people with heavy Collective Circuitry/Energy are focused on experience and/or understanding. They want to SHARE what they know or what they've been through. They are centered around sharing their truth and maybe sharing other people's truths, too. These kinds of people are prone to being social because of this sharing aspect.

The Individual is focused on themselves and the Tribe is focused on its own values and survival. With the Collective Circuit having no Will/Heart Center, it makes it so the Collective is centered around its direction. This goes the same for people with heavy Collective Energy. They are mostly concerned with their direction. The downside to this is that it's very easy for a person with heavy Collective Energy to want others to submit to the direction they are taking and/or the viewpoint they have (although the same could be said about Individual and Tribal people). Take the concept of GroupThink for example. It is easy for people to get drawn into whatever the group is thinking, especially when it's MASSES of people. Republicans vs Democrats is a good example of this. Both sides tend to blindly follow their own side on average.

It's made up of the Logical/Understanding SubCircuit and the Sensing SubCircuit. The Logical side is concerned with looking towards the future because that's what understanding is for/all about. So you can do better and be efficient moving forward. Abstract/Sensing is literally for making sense of your experiences and coming to terms with them. So you have two polarities when it comes to the Collective. You have a side that just wants to understand shit and structure things in a specified way. Then you have a side that's more Abstract and poetic. Less about structure and more about feeling, experience, and acceptance.

To summarize the Collective Circuit and people with heavy Collective Energy, they go about their relations/lives in terms of knowledge & experience and wanting to share that knowledge & experience. They like to share where they came from and/or where they are going. They want their perspective to be heard and understood. They want a COLLECTIVE UNDERSTANDING to occur.


Understanding your Circuitry is IMPORTANT. Depending on how it is set up can tell you a lot of different things. For example, if you have Collective Circuitry, it influences what it touches (as does any other Circuitry of course). So if you had Logical Circuitry connected to some Tribal Circuitry, you could generalize that there's some logical understanding over your "group" or "tribe" that you have to share. Or if you had Individual Circuitry paired up with Tribal, you are meant to be causing a change within a/your Tribe. You may end up causing change through your type of Tribal Support. It'll also just tell you how you are apt to deal with things and go about your relations with others.

As a general rule of thumb: Individual people seek change and empowerment. They seek to build a solid foundation for themselves. They seek to create something. Tribal people seek support and a comfortable setting. They want family/close ones around them. They are mostly concerned with how their "tribe" operates. Collective people like to group up with others (mostly likeminded people). They like to share their perspective, share their experience, and share information. They want to be understood and accepted. They are mostly concerned with Understanding and Reflection for everyone. So with all these things in mind, you should be able to see how these kinds of people tend to go about their relations with others and life in general.

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